Chef Luis Luna

Owner & Catering chef

Thanks to more than 6 years as Chef in charge in a variety of places such as Boutique Restaurants, industrial dining room, hotels, and currently in a private house, which hosts international guests, I am constantly growing. Acquiring skills knowledge and skills to be competent and perform successfully in various types of events for more than 100 pax such as weddings, spiritual retreats, Vegan Festivals, etc.

Chef Alan Gerardo May

Chocolatier & pastry chef 

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Alan Gerardo May Mexican chocolatier residing in Cancun-Mexico, with 7 years of experience in the chocolate sector and currently has a chocolate shop called Xokoart. Chocolate is magical "seeing that people can enjoy a bite like a bonbon or a truffle and textures and flavors appear in their mouths." It is something extraordinary. Also (when you work it) “it is moldable, you can give it different finishes and they always ask me, but why does chocolate shine? Because it shines on its own… magic is what chocolate allows you to do. ” One of the noblest products out there.

Chef Adrian Cabezas

Catering & private chef

I am 27 years old, I come from the province of Córdoba, the center and the second most important city in Argentina, where there is a great gastronomic wealth!

I have been cooking since I was 12 years old when I was preparing my parents' dinner when they returned from their jobs, I believe that there began the love for this profession, my father is a baker / pastry chef more than 15 years ago, I think that helped as well.

I like the product kitchen / simple and tasty, I think I defend myself well with the fire and making rustic and roasted products!

I would love to cook from an exclusive menu dinner of steps, to roasts and meetings of friends.

Chef Israel Garcia

Catering Chef

I currently work in a restaurant recognized in the hotel zone of Tulum.


I am a chef with 10 years of experience I have worked in many parts of the country and my specialty is the pre-Hispanic and regional Mexican food of the center of Mexico.

Thanks that I has been able to establish remained in many states of the republic I have adopted culinary techniques and that has led me to create one that my way of thinking is unique and my guests love it.

I love my profession and I will continue because it has gave me everything I am.

Chef Marco Andrade

Catering chef & private chef

I am a professional in the world of gastronomy 14 years back me. I love generating unforgettable sensations by playing with the textures and aromas, with respect to each ingredient to rescue the best of each food. Due to my training and international experience, I have developed a wide gastronomic expectation, both operatively and administratively.

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